The (Solar) PanelWarmer System

NextStep Electric introduces the (Solar) PanelWarmer. Solar panels covered with snow? No need to wait for it to melt, or potentially damage your panels with a snow rake, or even spend the day trying to knock the snow off with a Nerf ball; just adhere our warming unit to the back of any panel and flick the switch. Easy!

NextStep Electric has partnered with a component company, STEP Heat to create an easy to use, easy to retro-fit solution for all solar panels in use today.

  • UL Certified
  • Used for floors, roofs and driveways for over 30 years
  • Cost Effective
  • Removes 5lbs of ice per sq ft in just 3 hours
  • Does not heat above 80̊
  • Utilizes 150W at max heat but can be set to lower temp to use less
  • Can turn on manually or set automatic system

Each PanelWarmer Kit contains the following:

  • 10 heating element (sized)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Charge Controller
  • Switch
  • Connecting wires

The (Solar) PanelWarmer has been tested on both thin-film and non-flexible panels. Approximately 5lbs of ice was placed on each sq.ft. of the panel. The melting time for both panel types was just under 3 hours.