Community Solar Revenue

NextStep Electric Community solar can provide your community with a significant source of recurring revenue. Utilities are federally mandated to purchase power produced by clean energy technology.

The Smart Array 3000 system has the ability to efficiently produce and deliver both Mega Watts and Mega Vars of clean energy directly to the grid. Your local power provider contractually agrees to a set price to purchase that power.

The Smart Array 3000 system is designed to produce, monitor and report the exact amount of power delivered directly to the grid via our state of the art communication and dashboard. A one Mega Watt system consists of four thousand poles that will accommodate a 250 watt, peel and stick, thin film solar panel, and micro inverter.

Each community has the option to construct a Smart Array system that produces as many Mega Watts as there are existing utility poles available in order to accommodate the equipment and to generate the desired Mega Watt and Mega Var production. Once the system is in place, revenue is generated from producing clean energy, both solar and reactive power, purchased by the power provider and creates a recurring revenue stream for the owner of the system for decades to come.