Smart Array Power Plus Advantage

NextStep Electric’s exciting new clean energy technology will take center stage in solar energy production in the coming decades. Technology advancements in solar energy production, like The Smart Array 3000 Power Plus Advantage has opened the door to communities just like yours being able to take advantage of clean energy and reactive power deployment in ways that will improve your communities carbon footprint, and create jobs and revenue for your community.

The Smart Array advantage will provide communities across the nation with an a new economic opportunity: create revenue, create jobs, and create renewable energy! . The restrictive requirements, costs, environmental issues and land required to construct acres of solar panels for a traditional solar farm have kept most communities in the past from adding solar energy to their community on a large scale.

The Smart Array energy solution is poised and ready to change the conversation when it comes to solar generated power. We invite you to consider what a Smart Array system can do for your community.