The NextStep Pole Climber Advantage

The NextStep Pole Climber is an eco-friendly bucket truck alternative. The NextStep Electric Pole Climber was designed to reach those hard to access poles that often require a linesman to climb to service. The Pole Climber helps keep your linesman safe and can eliminate the need for bucket trucks and their cost. The Pole Climber makes accessing poles safer, easier, and more effective than traditional pole climbing methods. Setup takes only minutes and the Pole Climber fits neatly and securely into a pickup or van. The pole climber was designed with utilities in mind with all parts treated to ensure they are safe, non-conductive, and provide long-term field tested durability and are OSHA certified.

Pole Climber Specifications

Platform Height – 14’ 3”
Working Height – 20’ 6”
Stowed Height – 5’ 9”
Erected Mast Height – 16’ 4”
Platform Capacity – 350 lb
Platform Size (L x W) – 26” X 30”
Stowed Size (L x W) – 53” X 30
Base Size (L x W) –
(with outriggers) 65” X 52”

Mast Section Weight – 20.7 lbs
Rear Outrigger Weight – 8 lbs.
Front Outrigger Weight – 11 lbs.
Total Weight – 278 lbs.
Casters – 5”
Non-Marking Swivel
Lock & Brake, Flat Free
Transport Wheels – 12” X 3.5”
Drive: Worm gear transmission with
Integrated drive gear and brake.

Available in one and two man options.